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Skylar Dysart & Crazy Horse - 10mo. male

The Standard by which all others are measured.

Greetings fellow wolf lovers: A word from the founder of Dysart’s Wolf Kennel and the originator of the wolf-shepherd cross: Charles Dysart Jr. When I came out of Vietnam in 1969, I started looking for a German shepherd dog like the army dogs I worked in Vietnam. They just did not exist in America. And after looking for years to no avail; I bred a male Mackenzie Valley Timber wolf I had obtained from a retired zoologist and dear friend, with a female German shepherd. The first litter of Timber wolf –German shepherd cross cubs were born here in Henrietta, N.C. in a corn crib in 1973. They were seven born, I kept two of them and five went to friends who were just interested in seeing how the cross turned out. Needless to say, a very short time later both I and my five friends agreed these were extraordinary animals. That was forty-four years ago, and today at least 60% of our business is repeat customers. We hear from customers ten, fifteen, even twenty-five years later who want another one. I just turned 76 years of age and will do this as long as God lets me. I have been blessed with three children: Shane, Shannon, and Ricky, as well as three grandchildren: Amber, Arionna, and Skyler. They love these animals as much as I, and make a lot of the steps I can’t make anymore. Each cub from Dysart’s Wolf Kennel is HAND raised in our home by myself, children and grandchildren. This is not a puppy mill! My kennel is here at my home so our animals have twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year constant supervision, exercise, socialization, and nourishment. Our kennel is one of, if not the cleanest, in the country. We go to great lengths to be the best. I realize that there are people who would like to hurt me, maybe because of jealously and\or to help establish their own business. I can’t control or defend an anonymous blog of what some people say. These people never show their real name because they will be sued for libel and slander because the allegations they make are false, misleading, and filled with malice. So to those who are hesitant to purchase a cub from me, or to do business in general, I invite you to come and visit my kennel personally. You will see the forty-four years of dedication and hard work. And for those who cannot make the drive personally, we can provide numerous references. We also have a twenty photo brochure for $7.00, available by sending check or money order to my postal address Call for directions; you will be welcome here anytime. Thank you and God Bless. C. Dysart Jr.
Dysart’s Wolf Kennels • Charles Dysart, Jr PO Box 597 • Henrietta NC 28076 828-429-0053 • 828-748-9238